Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Masks?

Today is Halloween in the United States. It's a day that we basically celebrate Satan and the undead, and to make it more appealing to children - we throw in some candy. Really.

People get dressed up in crazy costumes, put on makeup and are able to act like someone else - albeit only for a few hours. Everyone can get their own personality makeover and act in ways they wouldn't normally act.

I went to a Halloween party this past weekend - to a party where I knew maybe 8 people out of the 40 that were there (I was dressed as a soccer referee). Within 3 beers (and 2 vodka jello shots), everyone was instant "friends." Complete strangers were chumming around like they had been friends for years, girls were "dirty dancing" with each other, and people were just generally having, well, a party (Chuck and Stephanie - you guys ROCK!).

I got to thinking - was it really just the alcohol - or were we all just acting out and doing things that we "wouldn't really do" in "real life?"

Now the interesting thing is that the host and hostess had put together a slide show that contained pictures from previous years parties. This was playing on the plasma screen in the main room where the party was held, so I actually sat down and watched it. Even though I didn't know all the people there - I recognized them in past pictures, all in different costumes - but all the pictures had something in common - they were "real." Real people. Real emotions. Real drunk. Real happy. Real silly.

Does wearing a costume or mask or outfit give us the permission we need to really just be ourselves? If so, what the hell happens to that part of us the rest of time?

Thought for today: Live a little - be who you really are and try it out others.

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