Monday, October 16, 2006

Software Can Be A Trip

My wife and I have been on some wonderful vacations together. We have enjoyed many different cities, states and even countries together.

I recently had the opportunity to go with her and the kids on a getaway for a long weekend. Those of you who have children can attest to one thing: when you're traveling with your children - there is no such thing as a "vacation" - it's a "trip."

There is a vast difference between a vacation and a trip.

A vacation is a chance to unwind and re-charge your batteries.
A trip is something you do to get out of the house.

On a vacation, you "splurge" for a nice room with a view - in a 4 star hotel.
On a trip - you map out the route based on "super saver specials" and refer to the Motel6 website for inspiration.

On a vacation you enjoy intimate meals and private moments.
On a trip - you scarf McDonalds and install earplugs for the mind-numbing screams in the indoor play area.

On a vacation your time is your own - you can sleep in, read, get a massage and take long walks hand-in-hand.
On a trip - you can get up at 6:30am to watch Dora the Explorer, grab breakfast at 8:00am and be totally exhausted by lunch.

On vacation you can read the morning paper over coffee, hop in the car to explore new areas, and dine al fresco.
On a trip - you can read page one of the paper on the toilet (if you're lucky), spend 25 minutes getting ready to go on the day's outing (complete with 1/2 the luggage you brought "just in case"), and dine in any "kid friendly" hash joint you choose.

On a vacation you stroll the Champ-Elysees and have a meal at a quaint French sidewalk cafe overlooking Notre Dame.
On a trip - you go to Buffalo Bill's in Primm Nevada ("the hotel with the rollercoaster, Daddy!") and endure a bland all-you-can-eat buffet.

On a vacation you shuss down slopes of white powder followed by a Hot Toddy in front of a roaring fire in the lodge.
On a trip - you put the kids in "ski school"and shuss down slopes of white powder followed by a Hot Toddy in front of a roaring fire in the lodge (hey, I'm not STUPID!).

On a vacation you escape to a local hotel - even just overnight - for an evening of quality time and romance in a room with a comfortable oversized bed and fluffy down pillows.
On a trip - you "get as many miles behind you" as possible - hoping the kids will not fall asleep too early so you can collapse into a rock-hard bed with foam pillows.

You get the idea. Now, don't get me wrong - I love to travel with my family. We go interesting places, and half the fun is to watch the kids enjoying themselves and see them learn and experience things for the first time. I get a chance to experience things that I probably wouldn't normally "choose" to do if the kids weren't there. Plus, there are plenty of bright spots during a trip - otherwise I wouldn't go on them anymore.

It's just... well... a vacation is totally different. I really look forward to them because I don't take them often. I relish "catching up" with my wife and having the luxury of being completely selfish with our quality time together. I don't have to worry about schedules, email, phone calls, potty breaks every 30 minutes (at the most inappropriate times), etc.

Software can be the same way. For me, using Servoy is like going on a vacation. Other software I use is simply a trip.

Thought for today: If you're tired of your "trippy" software - give Servoy a look-see.

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