Saturday, October 21, 2006

Why Invent? Just SUE!

With the latest news about yet another company trying to sue RIM (makers of the BlackBerry handheld) - I've just about had it.

Just as RIM (Research In Motion) settled with NPT (a patent holding company that has no products other than lawsuits) for more than $600 million (yep - over 1/2 BILLION dollars!) on patents that the US Patent & Copyright Office had invalidate (or was just about to) - up steps a company called Visto.

You see - Visto just successfully sued another company called Seven Networks and won a $3.6 million verdict in Texas - for violations of intellectual property on some patents they own having to do with wireless email.

Hell, Visto even filed against Microsoft on December 15, alleging that Microsoft's Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system also infringed on its patents! Nice. Suing Microsoft. Good idea. I'm "sure" you'll win. No problem.

Even if they don't win - just the thought of RIM going through yet another lawsuit ordeal - has some corporate users searching for alternatives.

And, it just so happens, that Nokia is coming out with it's own wireless device with a keyboard that does what the BlackBerry does. Hmmmmm.... make you think.

What I find even more crazy - is the fact that NTP holds a stake in Visto as well! Talk about double-dipping! Gotta' just love the "hey, if it worked once, it can work again" mentality of lawsuits. This is literally their business model.

Hijacking for dollars. God, it's GREAT to be an American!

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