Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mac OS: The Microsoft Redheaded Bastard Stepchild

So.... if you have Office on Mac OS - you won't be able to read Office 2007 files until April/May 2007.


BUT - If you have newer hardware (Macintel) you can always run Vista and Office 2007 on Mac OS via Parallels... DOH!

The Mac translators are due about the same time as the rest of the world translators (mid 2007) - so HOT TIP: If you or your company is on the bleeding edge and is using Office 2007 DO NOT save data in the 2007 format - use the "compatible" setting if you plan on sharing your document with outside people.

Who probably won't be upgrading any time soon. Or ever.

On a completely different note - because I'm using OpenOffice now - they just announced that they WILL support the new 2007 Office XML format (or Novell will develop it)... so in about the same time as the rest of the world has translators - one would assume that OpenOffice will have the same native capabilities.

Did I mention OpenOffice is free? Did I also menti0n I'm using it - and liking it very much? Hint, hint..

THIS JUST IN (from eWeek): "Microsoft has issued a zero-day attack alert for its ubiquitous Word application. The unpatched flaw can be exploited when a user simply opens a maliciously rigged Word document, and there are no pre-patch workarounds available, Microsoft warns."

Ummmmmm..... cool. I'm really, really glad I'm using Open Office instead of MS Office!

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