Sunday, December 17, 2006

MiniRant: Microsoft = Zero Day Threat

So I got yet ANOTHER email warning and news stories about yet ANOTHER zero day bug/threat/malware/trojan/virus for a Microsoft Office application.

This time it was MS Word, a few days ago it was Excel, a few days before that it was Word again, a few days before that it was for XP, etc, etc.

The only good news is that I don't use MS Office any more! For those of you who have been following along - you'll know that I dumped the Office POS for Open Office. So far - LOVING IT. It does everything that I need, in a similar way to the way Office does it.

I've also dumped Outlook for Thunderbird and Google Calendar.

Now I won't lie - it did take some getting used to - and for the first week I wanted to just go back to the old stuff - because I had been using it on an off for the past 9 years and I knew them very well (and the keyboard shortcuts).

BUT - I have hung in there - and now I know the keyboard shortcuts for Open Office stuff (and Thunderbird) as well. Sure, there are things that are different, and I "wish" Thunderbird would allow me to insert the signature on a message-by-message basis (for example).

BUT - I don't EVER have to worry about any "Zero Day Exploits" for Office!

Now if I could only say the same about Windows XP.....

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