Friday, June 15, 2007

Apple Hoses Down Safari for Windows

Steve Jobs is a very smart man, but sometimes he believes his own hype so much that he says really stupid things - like: "...Safari will ship secure..." That's almost like daring every lonely geek in the world to take pot shots at your beta product. Perhaps that was the desired result... but I think not.

So all the hackers in the known universe who are already good at hacking IE and Firefox could not resist this juicy target. In fact, just hours after the announcement and availability of the download, Errata Security researcher David Maynor found two potentially serious security issues and then proceeded to put screen shots up on his blog. Then there were others - like Tom Ferrris a hacker who routinely finds bugs and problems with Safari and OS X and also happens to publish a blog.

Apple's stepping up and trying to fix them - in fact they fixed 3 of them today - and then putting out public beta 3.01. The interesting thing here is that that they are not denying there are bugs and vulnerabilities. On Windows. They are, however, claiming that those vulnerabilities do not exist on Mac OS X.

Ummm... yeah. Right.

What the hell else are they going to say - we're bringing out the iPhone and it leaks like a 1972 Camero with a sunroof? I don't think so.

So, they'll do their best to fix the stuff - and hose off the already crap-filled reputation of yet another browser for Windows. Perhaps they should just buy the Opera folks...

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