Thursday, June 07, 2007

iBob 1.0 Alpha Bugs

Now I know what it must feel like to be a MacBook Pro running Windows in Parallels.

Right in the midst of my iBob 1.0 re-programming, I find that from time-to-time I'm still getting the blue screen of death (oldBob 8.0). The good news is that now, my iBob side can just shut down that process and keep humming along...

...until some know-nothing, Prius-driving, Whole-Foods-shopping, fair-trade-coffee-drinking, mac-user calls and starts giving me crap about something they know nothing about - and I just want to tell them to go fu*k themselves....

[blue screen of death]

Sorry folks. That was - according to the blue screen - an "assertion error 504 - Bob is melting down about nothing" error.

Luckily the iBob process was able to shut the old behavior down before it got out of hand.

There's still some bugs - but at least the overall shell is pretty much working.

Stay tuned...

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