Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Privacy Is Overrated

I saw yet ANOTHER news story with some guys whining about Google Street View as an invasion of privacy.

Really. Not kidding.

It's nice to know that people who have nothing to do all day but bitch about stuff like this (and he was VERY serious) are looking out for the greater good of mankind. Not only that - they have also created some "citizens watchdog group focusing on privacy rights" - and most of them either live in the middle of no where - or they are ex-big city people who now live in the middle of no where.

It doesn't cost a lot to live in the middle of no where - thus these people can:

a) afford to get annoyed at something that is trivial;

b) form an official sounding "watchdog" group to protect others from an imagined evil;

c) keep speed-dialing the media until they either send a reporter or a news crew - depending on how annoying they are on the phone

These people are complaining that because you can see people in windows (gasp!), people walking on the street talking into cell phones (alert!), people in cars (the horror!), people in a public park (for the love of everything holy - NO!)... basically you can see everything you could if you were walking down the street on the day they photographed it.

What's the big deal? You could do the same thing with a cell phone and a flickr account.

So - if you're an anti-social physcho, living in the middle of no where, and you want to help people - there are a lot of other causes you can take up. Get over Google Street Views - there are bigger fish to fry.

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