Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's Revolutionary

This morning I thought that CNN's arm would break off from patting itself on the back for the "revolutionary" CNN/YouTube debate last night.

REVOLUTIONARY because they got "real questions from real people" - get this - "...from the Internet"!!

WOW! But hey, not email, but people asked questions via - wait for it - VIDEO! Revolutionary!

Technology is really amazing - and the Democratic candidates are no idiots - they are right on the technology curve and getting these "important questions" (well, at least 32 of the 3,500+ asked!) and participating in this revolutionary new medium - VIDEO on the Internet!

Did I mention it was revolutionary?

What a load of crap. If you've watched CNN at all - you've seen some of the idiotic (and some serious and good) questions that were submitted. There were some really, really, really scary people doing the most idiotic things ever conceived.

People dressed up, doing weird songs, animated icons asking questions - jeez, are there that many people with absolutely nothing to do all day? If I was a CNN screener that had to watch all that crap - I would stick a finger in my eye until my brains leaked out.

The good news is that you have plenty of time to prepare YOUR entry for the next REVOLUTIONARY event - the same crap but this time - wait for it - the REPUBLICANS are getting into the act at the end of September!


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