Tuesday, July 10, 2007

People With No iLife Hack iPhones

Some people must really have absolutely nothing to do all day, and have loads of money just sitting around so they can afford to just sit around and do nothing all day.

That's the only conclusion I can come to about all the blogs and articles over the past week that have highlighted what's inside the iPhone. They really went and spent $500 and then proceeded to rip the thing apart (taking photos all the way) to see what was inside it. Then they claim that it only costs Apple $250 to make the thing (adding up the value of the parts).

They buy the thing to take it apart. No really. Here's an example. And they can't wait to be the first one on the block to do it. What a BRILLIANT idea!

Then, there's the story of the Norwegian hacker that has already figured out how to use the iPhone without activating it (i.e. paying for a phone plan through AT&T). Although the phone part doesn't work, the iPod and wireless networking part does. He's promised to release the hack - on his blog entry called "So Sue Me" (which, I just LOVE!).

Then, there's the story of a rabid Mac fan who camped out to buy two phones - with the intent of selling one on eBay for a tidy profit. He bought the two phones, and then when he realized that he wasn't the only one with the same idea and that phone prices on eBay weren't astronomically high, he actually returned one of the phones. BRILLIANT!

Then there's the stories of the other people intent on finding bugs - who harp about the Safari bugs, people bitching about how crazy Web 2.0 applications don't work, people saying how easy it is to spoof the caller ID and listen to anyone's voicemail, etc.

People, people - please! Get a life! And, if you really have nothing better to do with your $500 than to buy iPhones and bust them open - feel free to PayPal your money to me and I'll pass it on to a worthy charity.

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