Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Shock and Awe

I was working at home on the computer early in the morning when my friend from the UK sent me an IM message saying "i'm so sorry, mate." I wrote back - "...ummm, it's OK... sorry about what?"

"plane just hit the twin towers"

"ha ha ha :-)"

"no, really - turn on the tele"

So I did. Lots of smoke and fire. Obviously lots of people dead, and you could almost see people jumping out of the windows (or what looked like it - and later was confirmed that's what it was). I was really shocked.

Then - I watched on live television as the second plane hit the second tower. My mind simply couldn't contain what it was seeing. It was like I was watching a movie with really terrific special effects.

It was no movie. It was real.

As the drama unfolded - I was glued to the TV as was most of America (and indeeed, most of the world). Then the really unthinkable the #$%@* building just collapsed! Then the other one!

Then the rubble. Standing like a bombed-out cathedral circa 1945. Thousands of innocent lives lost. Dozens of firefighters lost.

Absolutely unbelievable.



Here's to all of the innocent people, courageous first responders, and the thousands of family members who will never the same again. Along with you - we will never forget. God Bless You All.

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