Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Time Machine - OOPS!

Apple is getting a black eye over it's new Time Machine backup utility unveiled in it's new Leopard release. From the postings on the Apple Support site - the majority of users are wishing they had a time machine of their own - to go back to Panther!

Many are complaining that they are getting 90% done with the backup - only to hit the dreaded "An error occurred" dialog. Others are complaining that certain drives are not even being recognized at all by the Time Machine application.

Apple is pointing the finger at certain drive makers - saying that the user should just re-format the drive before trying to use Time Machine. Helpful.

The Mac fans are also really pissed off at LaCie - as they have been a prominent Mac drive maker for years - and users are having to re-format those drives as well. The other problem with various flavors of LaCie and other drives is that there are some Mac folks on the other end of them that don't really understand what they are doing - and some of them are losing their manually copied backups.

Isn't this the type of user that Time Machine was intended to "help?"

Either way, Apple has taken some of the shine off their terrific app by not making it really, really easy (and bulletproof) to connect and use it.

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