Friday, April 25, 2008

Open Sourcing Goggle Analytics

So, I was poking around the Net last night and I found this cool, open source alternative to Google Analytics called Piwik (formerly

Now, I'm fairly fond of Google Analytics (even though everyone wishes it would be update more frequently). It's very feature-rich, very AJAX-y and fairly easy to use. It works by embedding a little JavaScript into the pages you want to track, and then the online app will slice and dice the data for you.

Piwik is very similar it tracks popular pages, referring keywords, languages and is open for developers to build their own plugins specifically for their web analytics needs - but it's licensed under GPL and costs nothing (except the time and energy to implement it across your site).

They have a cool live demo and here's a slide preso:


All-in-all it looks pretty cool, although I have to admit I haven't personally tried it out. As more and more of the world revolves around monetizing sites and more and more companies are trying to get a better idea of who goes to their sites and what they do once they get there - the stats behind your site are becoming more and more important.

Although I don't think Google is evil (yet) - I'm all for Red Bull fueled twentysomethings coming up with a better, open and free way of making sense of all that data. If you're the type of data jocky that can't get enough of your website data - it's worth checking out.

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