Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cam-Trax Makes Webcams Useful Again

Well, the details are a bit sketchy - but a new company (founded in 2007) called Cam-Trax seems to have done the impossible - made the webcam relevant.

The company says it has made some software that will enable any webcam to track any object in realtime (in three dimensions!) that you can use to control any PC video game.

There's not really a lot on their single page website besides a YouTube video - and you can't download anything yet - hopefully it's the real deal.

But let's give them the benefit of the doubt. Looks like they're young uber-wonks who just write code but could learn a few things about Marketing 101:
  • Before a launch, have more than a single page site
  • Have a flash demo of how you set it up - or at least a YouTube video
  • Give some details about what cameras you've tested, what OS it runs on, etc.
  • If the software isn't yet ready for prime time download, say when it will be
  • Do at least a one page PDF with the details of the founders, the estimated price of the software, timeframes, etc.
To be fair, perhaps they didn't realize that they would get any real notice or press - but with the speed of the Internet and such a novel use of (languishing) webcam tech - it's better to be prepared to put your best foot forward, in CASE you get lucky and get some free buzz.

In any event, I think the promise for this type of tech is awesome - and not just for gaming. I can imagine uses for the disabled, or kids (OLPC), etc. I'm hoping in the next few weeks (or days) that there is more to come - including a download (I'd love to try it out for myself).

What about it guys? When can we get some of that camera-lovin' goodness?

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