Sunday, May 25, 2008

Socially Unsocial

I don't want to sound like the Andy Rooney of social networking - but, I just don't get it. I spent some middle-of-the-night time this weekend trying my darndest to figure it out.

I updated my Facebook profile, I added people to my Twitter account, updated my LinkedIn profile, sent a Jott and then I spent a bunch of time (literally 4+ hours) reading profiles of other people who are "connected", or "linked" or "are friends of" the people I know.

Here's what I found out:
  • I'm not the most social person ever invented
  • Everybody in the world knows more people than I do

I also determined that most (not ALL) the people that I have linked to my various online profiles - must have a helluva' lot of down time. I mean, I can barely find time to write this blog - never mind keep up on 5 different social networking sites, posting things, updating things, pinging, twittering, twirling, and flickring.

I can understand it if you're a journalist, PR person, marketing person, recruiter, etc. But 99% of these folks are none of the above. I mean REALLY! People! Wow! Let me know the jobs you have that allow that much free time.

I can understand if you wanted to join one of these services because your friends are there - and it's a way to "hang out" without really doing anything... ummm... together... but I would still rather watch an episode of Lost - than obsess over who is doing what - RIGHT NOW(!).

And wow - how much personal information do you really want to share? I hear all sorts of people piss and moan about how little privacy there is in the world these days, how all these nameless, faceless corporations are putting up all sorts of personal information for sale to the highest bidder.

But some of these people are doing it to themselves. Lots of people give waaaayyyy too much information about themselves in all these social networking profiles. I'm not sure I really need to know your turn-ons and turn-offs, and what you had for dinner last night. If I did - I'd either call you - or send you an email.

OK, so I'd send you an email...

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