Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So Much For A World Record...

Well, Firefox 3.0 officially launched today - and they wanted to get into the Guinness Book of World Records by having the most downloads in a single day.

Too bad you can't download it.

Apparently, everyone took that challenge literally - and the servers are all down. Yep, all of them. Mozilla.com, the SpreadFireFox, GetFireFox - all went to their knees.

Now I guess they know how the Woodstock organizers felt. It's one thing to ramp up to a big new release by seeding the world with release candidates, and get everyone talking about how great and fast the new version is. It's a whole 'nother enchilada when you're encouraging everyone in the world to download a huge file on the same day.

One would have thought that if one challenged people to go for a world record - that it would have called up their ISP and Alkamai and had mirrors and extra bandwidth to spare.

Alas, 'twas not the case here (at least not yet). It will be interest to see as the day progresses - what will happen - but for now - it's "No soup for you" - unless you downloaded RC3 (which is identical to the final version).

If you're one of the souls that hasn't been keeping up - here's an overview of what the hullabaloo is about:
  • There’s an easier to use password manager
  • Download manager which supports resumable downloads
  • Better find system
  • Totally re-designed address bar
  • Ability to integrate with antivirus software and parental controls
  • According to SunSpider - it's the fastest browser out there
  • Greatly reduced memory footprint

So, if and when the servers come back up - I'll be anxious to give it a whirl...

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