Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Boo Hoo - Don't Bitch About Free

I'm sick and tired of reading stories where people are pissed off because of the gMail outage. Yes, I agree that companies who host things in the cloud - especially with something as important to productivity as email - should do everything in their power to ensure uptime.

But hey - even the folks at Google are human. Servers fail. Protocols get messed up. Windows crashes. Some idiot hits a phone pole with fibre in it.

Stuff happens.

Especially in "the cloud."

People who pay for services (and some do pay for Google services) - should still have a reasonable expectation of service failure. Yes, it sucks, and yes, it's inconvenient - but hey, it's a miracle the thing even works at all.

There are so many ways that a hosted solution (even with a multi-million dollar redundant uber server facilities) can fail. No one, not Salesforce, not Apple, not RIM, not Google, not Microsoft - NO ONE is immune from downtime.

That is part of the price you pay for the "convenience" of not having to manage your own servers. An oh, by the way, if you do manage your own servers - you will STILL have downtime. There will be times your ISP gets hosed, or DNS goes down, or a drive fails, or the new intern wipes your active directory store.

It WILL, for 100% SURE, happen. It's the nature of technology.

If you don't like it - sell your Google stock. Maybe you should do what we did in the old days - buy and Exchange Server and download and manage your own damn email. Or POP rather than IMAP the stuff.

I'll bet your uptime with your own managed, on-premesis server is about the same as a solution hosted in the cloud. Technology is a really good thing... WHEN it works.

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