Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Death of JavaScript 2.0

JavaScript - better known by it's official name ECMAScript - was due for an overhaul (ECMAScript 4) - which was to be named JavaScript 2 - but the ECMA International Standards body decided to scrap that effort.

So, what's up with that?

It turns out that they are working to ratify a 3.1 specification that will have some "bug fixes" in it - and then are planning to take a whole new look at it in a project code named "Harmony."

Tell that to Adobe. You see, the basis of JavaScript 2 ECMAScript 4 was to be based on Adobe's ActionScript 3 (yes, the thought of that makes me shutter as well). Since they've decided that the name "JavaScript 2" is dead - so is the thought of basing it on ActionScript (thank goodness!).

So with Microsoft and Yahoo on one side and Adobe, Mozilla, Google and Opera on the other - "Harmony" is meant to split the difference and see if they can come to some common ground. All of this, of course, is after they get the 3.1 version out the door.

So, where does that leave us? It's sort of hard to tell. Microsoft still has 3 different implementations of JavaScript that can run in a browser:

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