Wednesday, August 13, 2008

iPhone OS - Now Like Windows!

So.... my new iPhone said the battery was almost dead - which was interesting - since it was connected via the USB connector at the time - which, should, in theory, mean it was charging.

In iTunes, the little "lightening bolt" didn't appear (which means it wasn't charging). So, I looked online and people said to restart it - or "let it sit for 5 minutes completely turned off."

Did both of those - no luck.

Then, I decided to think like a Mac user. In iTunes - it says "If you are experiencing problems with your iPhone, you can restore its original settings by clicking Restore."

Hmmm.... hey, I was having problems - so, being a Windows user with my "Mac User" hat on - I clicked Restore. After an HOUR it said all things were a go.

Great! Re-plugged in and it asked if I wanted to register the phone as a new iPhone or restore from backup. So, thinking like a Mac User - I clicked Restore - thinking it just needed some clean up, etc.

Nope. It did the whole thing over again. Surely this time - iTunes would bless me with the "default" iPhone screen for synching, etc.


So after some more searching - I found some posts by Windows users (and Mac users) that said to FORCE QUIT iTunes during restore and shut off the phone, turn it on, re-launch iTunes and re-connect.

Now THIS is advice I can use! Being a Windows user - force quitting and restarting is something I'm 100% comfortable with! So, I tried it - and guess what? It WORKED.

Not kidding.


I think that firmware update did the old hose the iPhone thing. From the number of posts I went through - there are lots of people complaining of "slow downs" and "freezes" and all kinds of good stuff.

To sum up, in terms of that famous line in Disney's movie Nemo, "Good feeling gone."

They just blew the entire wad of good will they built up - and not just for me. There are horror stories of people staying on the phone with a tech for 2 to 3 hours, re-installing iTunes, etc. - all to no effect.

It's the ultimate revenge - making Mac Users think like PC users!

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