Wednesday, August 13, 2008

iPhone Really IS All That

So I'm still in the honeymoon period with my iPhone, but I have to tell you - it's the bomb. Coming from my Charlie's Angels Motorola - this thing is like the communicator in Star Trek.

Now, I'm not a person that is easily impressed - especially with gadgets. I'm not really a "gadget guy." I still have a VCR. No, really.

I still have cassette tapes (although I've ditched my 8 Tracks and LPs, though). We still have a video camera that uses VHS tape (of course we have a new digital as one as well - but only as of 9 months ago!). My TV is not HD - and we only have one of them in the main family room (and an old one in our bedroom that is only used in the case the kids are in nuclear meltdown over who gets to watch what).

As I've said before - I was waiting for the Android phone - but then I got tied of waiting. I also wanted to see why in the heck grown people would stand in line (for a whole week!) to get some piece of gear.

Now I can sort of understand why it's so popular. It's really, really cool. It's like a mini laptop in my pocket. I can do email, get stock quotes, surf the web (although that's a bit retarded since Flash isn't supported). I downloaded a couple of games, I can send Tweets from the road, it gets WIFI, and has turn-by-turn directions to help me out when I get lost.

The visual voicemail is cool and easy to use - and now I never have an excuse to not have pictures of my kids with me at all times (I downloaded over 100 - so if you see me in person - NEVER ask to see pictures of my kids!).

The keyboard was a little hinkey at first - but just like the Palm devices I've had - once you get used to it - you can really fly on that thing (although I won't be doing long blog posts from it).

Now I've heard all kinds of people bitching about how the battery life is greatly decreased (from the 2G version), and how spotty the 3G service can be (it's really terrific where I live), and how they're disappointed at the crapware that Apple let out on the App Store.

It's funny though - most of the people yelling the loudest have bought their SECOND iPhone. A YEAR later. When was the last time you went out and bought a new (anything) the next model year? Would you go out and buy it again because it totally sucked and was a useless piece of crap?

I'm guessing not.

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