Thursday, December 18, 2008

Microblog: #$%& Microsoft!

So I installed the new IE 7 patch - or rather, I should say that Microsoft installed it FOR me. Then I did a restart - and got a HANG. Ok, no big deal - this happens all the time! So, I'll just restart.

Restart, get welcome screen. HANG.

Restart. Get welcome screen... hard drive spinning for 11 minutes... HANG.

Restart. Get welcome screen... pause.... hard drive spinning for 14 minutes. Login. Loading (except QuickLaunch toolbar not showing)... start up mail client. HANG.

Restart. Get welcome screen... pause.... hard drive spinning for 11 minutes. Login. Loading... loaded. Choose "Turn Off" from options.

Restart. Finally back and running. THANK YOU Microsoft - you've managed to push me even closer to buying a Mac!


Scott Scheper said...

You may want to check out Yonkly. It's the first "create your own" microblog to integrate with twitter.

Bob Cusick said...

Thanks for the "heads up" Scott! Looks like an interesting service.

Scott Scheper said...

Not a problem :-) P.s. I bought a mac for the first time 2 months ago. Best decision I've ever made. Seriously. From an objective, PC user of 20 years, it beats PC's hands down. Just much more practical, convenient, and not one error.

Bob Cusick said...

Awwwww...jeez. You're pushing me closer and closer to making the switch as well... :)

BitSplitter said...

Why buy a Mac, will Vista crash better on it?

Bob Cusick said...

@BitSplitter - LOL! Yeah, that would be cool. Getting Vista to run in Parallels - that way you could crash it on 2 machines and 3 operating systems at the same time. Brilliant!

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