Friday, January 23, 2009

Microblog: Online Video Coolness

Like we all need a way to get more advertising... but there's a company out there that has a very cool technology that allows people to put "stuff" into existing videos.

The company is called Innovid and they've managed to figure out a way that allows advertisers (or content owners) the ability to add product placements, in-video billboards, interactive hotspots, a synchronized overlay (synched to the contents), and a synchronized "bug" (those little pop-ups that you see on TV that promote an upcoming show for example).

They have a cool demo that shows how they replaced the white walls of a room with a graphic that wraps around it - and even a demo that shows an interactive "pong" game - while the content is still playing in the foreground!

How it works: It seems that they store some meta data about the video - and then layer content into the video when it's played - while keeping the original video untouched. This allows advertisers and content owners the ability to target different products/games/billboards to different demographics.

Very interesting stuff! I foresee the day when this type of technology will infiltrate more than just broadcast sporting events - but will work its way down to the YouTube generation looking to make some extra scratch.

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