Thursday, January 08, 2009

Microblog: WebEx Goes To iPhone

In the "damn, Gina!" category we have Cisco which announced that users of it's WebEx service can now initiate and join meetings via a free iPhone/iTouch application. That's pretty cool!

There is no extra charges to start or attend a meeting from the phone - and the service will even call the attendees to link them up to the audio (iTouch folks or iPhone users can also use a third-party conferencing service as well, of course).

The application already includes chat, and it's compatible with both portrait and landscape mode. You can't host a meeting from a iPhone/iTouch, but you can "pass off" the presenter "ball" to anyone else in the meeting.

Ummmm.... wow. I never thought I would/could attend a webinar on go (or at least as much of it as I could before the battery dies). Here's the link if you want the info from the horse's mouth...

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