Monday, January 26, 2009

Time For More Change...

President Obama's Inaugural speech last week focused on change - and how we as Americans need to embrace change and be ready to work hard to get there.

Well, speaking of change, I have a pretty big announcement of my own to make - this week will be my last as President of Servoy USA. Although I won't be actively running the US operations anymore - I still have Servoy blood coursing through my veins - and I remain committed to both the technology and the company.

As of February 1st, I'll be reactivating my consulting company Clickware, and will be specializing in all things Servoy including specification, consulting, development, conversions, implementations and training. I'll have a new email address as well you can reach me at bobcusick [AT]

"OK, so what's the story" you're probably asking yourself right now... The reason that I'm leaving my current position is because I'm ready for new challenges and I have some ideas for some new products and services (based in Servoy technology, of course) that I really want to bring to market.

The last time I re-invented myself is all the way back when Jan Aleman and I formally started a company around the incredible technology that Jan Blok and his team had created in 1998 - and completely re-wrote in 2001. We started down the Servoy road with nothing more than a terrific piece of technology and a dream, a vision and a plan.

It was a wild time back then - the bubble was bursting and money was tight. We were (and ARE) a group of people that simply refused to give up - failure was (IS!) simply not an option. In the ensuing years, we went from a scrappy little startup (an early competitor called us "5 guys in a windmill") to a multi-multi-million dollar international company with offices in 6 countries (with more on tap for 2009) and some of the greatest staff and customers anyone could ever ask for.

Change is a hard thing. There are uncertainties, uneasiness, and general internal conflict when the familiar and stable changes. In my case, there's no exception this time around. Servoy is in my DNA - it's literally a part of my very being. It's been a huge undertaking and now that the company is growing like a weed and is a thriving young adult - it simply doesn't need the constant parental care that an infant does.

So I made the decision late last month that it was time for me to start a new chapter in my life. Not a new BOOK, just a new chapter. As I said before, I remain committed to Servoy, to the technology, to the company and to its continued growth and leadership in the SaaS/PaaS marketplace. My colleague Yvo Boom (yboom [AT] will be taking over the day-to-day operations in my absence.

So, as I wrap up my duties at Servoy (the company) over this next week - I'm energized and excited (and, to be honest - a little anxious) as to what the future will bring. But I do know one thing - it will be AWESOME!

If you haven't been to the Clickware site in a while (or ever!) - then stop on by... and drop me a line if you want me to speak at your event, need some help with your Servoy project, or just want to say hi...

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