Friday, October 23, 2009

Windows 7 - NEW!

[BIAS DISCLAIMER: I'm a newly minted Mac fanboy - but until a month ago I used the PC as my primary platform for 12 years]

So, with great fanfare Microsoft "introduced" Windows 7 yesterday. They did all kinds of live promotions (including teaming up with Burger King in Japan to offer a 7 patty whopper [via Engadget]).

Windows 7 reviews are all over the web - so I 'll leave you do the digging - but even noted Mac-bigot Walt Mossberg seems to like it.

NEW! Sucks less than Vista!
NEW! No more annoying dialogs every 3 seconds!
NEW! Only 4 minutes to boot!
NEW! Now your printers might even work!
NEW! Now has LESS bundled applications - because, hey, who needs Mail, Calendar, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, and Address Book anyway?

So, this is the Vista that was supposed to be, but never was. Of course, as with any Microsoft OS upgrade, you'll need either new hardware, or need to shell out to increase your RAM, hard drive and graphics card if your hardware is greater than 2-3 years old.

Oh, and one more thing: if you're on XP (and who isn't?) - there's one more little thing you'll have to do to upgrade to Windows 7: fully backup your hard drive, wipe the contents, and re-install everything.


Not kidding.

NICE! Yeah, sure, let me just tell my mom (who was going to pay BestBuy $50 to re-install Skype for her) how to backup all her data, make a list of the installed applications (and their updates), her settings, preferences, bookmarks, and email - then wipe her drive, then have her (simply!) re-download, install and configure all her applications and data on a brand-new interface where nothing is familiar.

Sure, no problem. Piece of cake.

I've done re-format, re-install many, many times before (as I think 98.754% of everyone whose used Windows for more than 4 years) - and it just plain sucks. It takes about 2-3 full DAYS to restore everything and get it where you were before.

Backing up data, downloading apps (because all those CDs you have for 32-bit apps are now 100% USELESS), installing apps, restarting 20 times because certain programs write to the registry, creating new folders, moving pictures, migrating your iTunes library, etc.

If you're going to go through that much of a cluster - I have a better idea. DUMP Windows completely.

I'm serious.

Either just keep XP for the next 3 years - or buy a new machine with Windows 7 already installed... better yet get off the Microsoft bandwagon and just buy a Mac. Yes, the Mac is more expensive. Yes, you can get a no-name PC laptop for $500 (or even a brand-name at $650).

Yes, the Mac has OS updates and upgrades just like Windows; yes, the Mac has security updates (albeit 700 times less frequently) ... BUT - at least with the Mac - you'll want to poke your eyes out about 98% less.

  • I'm done with "patch Tuesdays";
  • I'm done with stupid security and firewall settings that are so restrictive you can't install software or get anything to work without having to Google for 30 minutes to figure out how to do it;
  • I'm done with cryptic error messages that don't offer any hope of you actually figuring out what the hell is actually wrong so you can fix it;
  • I'm done with the need to reformat and re-install all my stuff - EVER!
So, is Windows 7 the spawn of the devil? No, probably not. It's probably a really useful and good update to the aging XP.

However, I'll never know... I'll be be on my Mac trying to get Snow Leopard to work with SVN...

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John said...

I"m so GLAD this Bob Cusick is back. He's been gone for 12 years.

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