Friday, April 23, 2010

Apple Picks Fight WIth Gizmodo Over iPhone Leak

*DING* Round 1.

In this corner - weighing in at 98 pounds - we have the challenger - Gizmodo (owned by Hawker Media)....

And in this corner - weighing 800 pounds - we have the undisputed Legal Team Heavyweight of the World - Apple...


This should be interesting (in the same sick way it's cool to watch a slow motion car crash). It seems that Apple is "evaluating its options" in pursuing CRIMINAL charges regarding the leak last week of the next-gen iPhone by Gizmodo.

According to AppleInsider - Apple has contacted the Santa Clara County District Attorney's office - and the police - seeing if they have enough evidence to support a criminal investigation. The investigation seems to be focusing on the guy that found the phone (in a bar!) - as well as Gawker Media for paying $5,000 to the guy so they could get a world exclusive in blowing the door open on one of Apple's best-kept-secrets.

It seems that Apple's a bit pissed off... and while I can understand that the leak cost them millions in free PR they usually get when they release a new product - putting someone in actual JAIL over it is just plain insanity.

Jail? Really? Over a flippin' mobile PHONE that coming out in 2-3 months anyway?

Maybe Apple is believing their own press - and believing their own hype. Their stock price hovering around $270 per share - which gives them a market cap just $25 billion less than Microsoft's! Who knows - maybe the buzz of releasing the iPad hasn't worn off... or...

Maybe... just maybe... they're like that bully in grade school. They just like making people squirm. They, perhaps, just like acting like rich 5 year olds and want people to know that they don't LIKE that (stomping foot!).

Hey, everyone makes mistakes. It looks like they forgave the poor bastard who left the phone in the bar (he's still working at Apple - but jeez - I would NOT have like to be THAT guy the next day!). So, they WANT (stomping foot!) their pound of flesh - and they don't care about anything other than themselves.

As one author so succinctly put it "...let him who is without sin cast the first stone." (John 8:7)

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