Friday, July 01, 2011

FileMaker TIP: How To Insert Tab Character In Fields or Calcs

Have you ever wanted to insert a tab into a block of text (so you can use tab stops to line up columns of text), or have you wanted to use the tab character in a calculation? If you try to just press the TAB key, the default action for FileMaker is to go to the next field... bummer.

However - there is a solution! Simply hold down the Option key (Mac OS) or Ctrl key (Windows) while typing the TAB key. This will insert a "soft" tab into your field. This works the same whether you're in a field in Browse mode - or whether you're in a calculation (in FileMaker 7+).

If you're using an ancient version of FileMaker (less than 7.0) and you want to use the tab in a calculation, then you'll need to go into Browse mode, do the above action into a field, copy that invisible character, and then paste it into your calculation.

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Barbara Cho said...

I agree that using a the Crtl key and the tab key at the same time will insert a soft tab in the box you are typing in on the internet. Thanks for all the help. I do a lot of work on the internet and I want to learn some more tips. Thanks again.

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