Friday, July 15, 2011

New Product: Documentorium For Servoy [UPDATED!]

I recently had a customer that required some technical documentation for a Servoy solution I built. Technical Documentation? YUK!

The more I thought about it - the more I realized that it would be handy for me to also get a "30,000 foot view" of the solution. I needed to know what objects referenced what method, where local variables were used, where global methods were used, etc - so that if I decided to re-factor the code I would know what I was in for.

So, I developed an in-house tool that I called Documentorium. It will generate a HTML-based report that you can export (with a single click) that show how many lines of code you have in your total solution, in all global and form scripts, will document all forms, relations, global and form variables, global and form methods, all valuelists, all media and also includes full cross-referencing so you can see what forms (or other methods) reference other methods.

It's very simple to install - all you have to do is to include it as a module in the solution you want to document, navigate to the single form and press the "Document Solution" button. Within a few seconds, your report will appear. You can view it on-screen - or output to HTML. Once you have it in HTML - I usually just print that to PDF and I have snapshot of how the solution "looked" at that point in time.

Check out this screenshot or this full Documentorium generated report of the Servoy CRM Sample Solution that ships with Servoy Developer.

There was another unintended benefit for using this product - I was working on a solution that had a lot of graphics in it and I wanted to tweak a few of them. However, when I went hunting on my hard drive for the source files - they were no where to be found.


Then I remembered that when Documentorium outputs the HTML version to disk - it also outputs all the graphics as well! All I had to do was to document the solution (single click), export the report (single click) and I had all the graphics on disk again! Nice.

I also wanted to make this tool inexpensive (hey, times are tough!) and completely open so that anyone who bought it could tweak it for their own needs. It costs only $19.95. Yeah, I know - cheap! If you want to get it right now (with instant download link after purchase) - just click this button:

I've even made a way for you to get it for less that that - if you sign up for the Clickware Newsletter - you can get Documentorium for only $14.95 - a 25% discount. (If you're already a subscriber you should have received an email with the same offer).

Documentorium requres Servoy 5.2 or higher, and is fully compatible with the upcoming Servoy 6.0 product.

[UPDATE] If you have a large solution, make sure you have LOTS of RAM allocated to Servoy/Java - because Documentorium creates in-memory arrays to do the cross-referencing.

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