Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Which Open Source Content Management System Is Right For You? [INFOGRAPHIC]

In the world of CMS (Content Management Systems) - there are three big open-source players: WordPress, Drupal and Joomla (yeah, I know they have crazy names but this was the late 90's).

While they all have a lot in common: they help you publish your blog, monetize your content, are database-driven, allow non-programmers to add content to both blog and e-commerce sites, etc - they are all different in terms of how easy/hard they are to setup and maintain, and how much market penetration they have.

I've personally setup both WordPress and Drupal installations - and the basics are pretty easy. In the interface and intuitiveness part of the program - I personally give WordPress the "thumbs up" - although once you master the (very) steep learning curve of Drupal - it's a very flexible system (as long as you stick with version 6 - as the number of real-world contributed modules for 7 is - as the time of this writing - really lacking).

I found this infographic from the folks at DeviousMedia that helps to lay it all out in a nice-and-pretty format:


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