Thursday, November 02, 2006

IBM in Smack Down With Microsoft

IBM has announced that it's going to release a tool that will help people use SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) products easily. Oh yeah, and they're also working with their partner, Mainstay, to make a tool to convert from Visual Basic 6 to Java.

No, really, they did!

IBM. "Big Blue." The mainframe guys. You know - Lotus Notes, first personal computer - those guys.

Sounds like they're going into the "easy" realm? SOA for the rest of us? Ummmm... dunno, it's not out yet (due by end of 2006 - or so they say). BUT, if the name is any indication of the "easy" part - it's NOT going to be easy: the name is "Lotus Expeditor".

Really. Not Kidding.

A) Lotus = dead spreadsheet that they tried to turn into a "platform" in the early 90's - before something we like to call "the Internet"

B) ex‧pe‧dit‧erspan>  Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[ek-spi-dahy-ter
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