Thursday, February 05, 2009

Microblog: 6 Flavors of 7

Hey kids! Microsoft is about to screw the pooch again when it comes to the number of "editions" it's planning for Windows 7. I guess "screw the pooch" is maybe too strong - let me put it another way: if you LOVE the convoluted, screwed up, totally senseless way they rolled out Windows Vista - you'll LOVE the Windows 7 launch just as much.

They are planning to focus only on two editions - Windows 7 Home Premium for consumers and Windows 7 Professional for business users. That part, I like. Two editions - like XP. Clear. Easy. Good.

NOW - for those of you playing the "Professional" version of the home game - look behind door number 3! OK - now we have Windows 7 Starter Edition, Windows 7 Enterprise Edition and finally, Windows 7 Ultimate Edition.

This of course, doesn't include the special "N" versions (that remove Windows Media Player) as mandated by the European Union...

This is just such a crappy way to sell an operating system. I guess they feel they need to squeeze every ounce of revenue from every potential customer (they do have over one BILLION of them, BTW)... but I think it MUST be easier to do it the way that everyone else from Apple to Ubuntu do - and have a one-size-fits-all distribution. Then allow people to modify it, or sell "add-on" functions and package them together in ways that make sense for Enterprise or Government users the way they packaged productivity applications together in one package called Office.

Does Microsoft fail to recognize that the OS business is in the decline? People care less about what OS they have and care more about what THEY can do with a particular application. It's the functionality - not the thing that runs the browser that matters. If you follow that logic - it seems - at least to me - that less is MORE... *sigh*

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Jon said...

I was surprised, too, when I read about there being six editions of Vista II, I mean Windows 7. They haven't learned anything about treating their customers with a little respect.

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