Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Product: Documentorium Lite For FileMaker

OK, OK, I know we just brought our Documentorium for Servoy late last week... but I had a some FileMaker friends/customers ask if there was a FileMaker version available as well. It just so happens there is...

Since it was only a couple of days ago that I wrote about how I came up with Documentorium for Servoy - so I won't rehash all that. If you're interested, you can read it here.

If you've ever worked in both FileMaker and Servoy - you know that they are totally different animals. Servoy was designed from the ground up to help you build front-ends to SQL databases, and FileMaker.... ummm... is "FileMaker."

You know what I mean - it's an extremely capable desktop database that been around a long time and is used by lot of folks. The scripting environments are totally different, as are the out-of-the-box functions. That's part of the reason for the "Lite" in the name of the FileMaker version of Documentorium. FileMaker just doesn't expose all the information about all the layout/script/field objects the way that Servoy does.

However, the goal of this project wasn't to try to duplicate all the functionality in the DDR (Database Design Report) that you can generate if you have FileMaker Pro Advanced - it was designed to give you a bunch of useful information - without having to have FileMaker Pro Advanced.

If you've ever run a DDR before - you know it's comprehensive. You can get absolutely all of the information about a solution - down to the smallest details.

But, most of the time - do you really need all that detail? What if you just wanted a quick overview (still chocked-full of easy-to-read, robust information)? Well, this tool is what you've been looking for! Check out this screenshot or this full Documentorium Lite generated report of the default "Contacts" database that is part of the built-in template set.

The other great thing about this product is that it's easy to install. In fact, there is zero to install. NO plug-ins. NO having to create scripts, layouts, buttons, fields or anything else. You simply open it up, open one or more other databases and (literally!) - just push one button. The report generates in a couple of seconds - and with the push of another single button, it will export the HTML to your desktop and automatically launch it in your browser!


I also wanted to make this tool as inexpensive as the Servoy version of Documentorium (hey, times are still tough!) and completely open so that anyone who bought it could tweak it for their own needs. Just like the Servoy version - this FileMaker version costs only $19.95. Yeah, I know - cheap! If you want to get it right now (with instant download link after purchase) - just click this button:

I've even made a way for you to get it for less that that - if you sign up for the Clickware Newsletter - you can get Documentorium for only $14.95 - a 25% discount. (If you're already a subscriber you should have received an email with the same offer).

Documentorium Lite for FileMaker requres FileMaker 9.0 or higher, and is fully compatible with FileMaker Pro 11 (Pro and Advanced) as well as FileMaker Server.

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