Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Technology Way Back Machine: 1996

For those of you older than 15 - here's a reminder from whence we came: a couple of pictures of a Best Buy circular from 1996.

That's right! You can buy a pager (Google it!) for only $70!

Need an upgrade in your computer memory? No problem - we have 16 MEGAbytes (not GIGAbytes) for only $130! Need more storage - score this massive 3.1 GB hard drive - only $399!

In the market for a new craptop laptop? Check out this baby: 8 MEGAbytes of RAM, 810 MEGAbye hard drive, a whopping 11.3" COLOR display! Now only $2,500!

Oh, and for those of you who are still using any of the items pictured here - ummmm... "perhaps" it's time for an upgrade.


1 comment:

Avocado Diva said...

Yes - please upgrade and stop calling my honey to fix them for you... ;-)

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