Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Apple, Samsung - Knock It Off!

If you have kids - you are well-versed in this quotation: "You kids stop fighting - don't make me pull over." Well, at least I am.

There's nothing more annoying than two kids (any age) who are picking on each other. One says "Don't touch me", and the other one has their finger about 1/8 of an inch (15mm for my metric friends) away from the other one protesting: "I'm NOT touching you!"

"Yes you are!"

"NO, I'm NOT!"

"Are TOO!"

"Am NOT!"

Me: "OK, kids - knock it off."

"HE started it!"

"Nuh uh! SHE DID!"

"Did NOT!"


Me. "I'm serious. KNOCK. IT. OFF."

(one child sticks tongue out at the other)

"Daaaaad - she stuck her tongue out at me..."

"Well, he stuck out his tongue first..."


This is exactly what Apple and Samsung are doing - but in public. And loudly. And with lots of PR.

Apple "started it" back in April 2011 by suing Samsung (a long time supplier of screens) for patent infringement. It seems that Samsung's (about to be released) Galaxy Tablet and Galaxy S phone bore too close of a resemblance to the iconic iPad and iPhone cash cows for Apple's liking (e.g. "He's copying me" - "NO, I'm NOT")

Now, it's rumored that El Heffe Jobs himself went over to meet with the Samsung folks - but when they couldn't reach an agreement - all the stops were pulled out. (e.g "Stop it!" - "I don't have to, you can't make me!")

Apple got an injunction against Samsung - so they couldn't even sell the Galaxy Tablet in both Germany and Australia. To add insult to injury, the timing of the injunction was just as a big German trade show was under way - where Samsung was going to officially announce the product. (e.g. "Ouch! [crying] he HIT me!" - "SHE hit ME first!")

Now it's basically just a huge mess. They're both suing the crap out of each other in every single country that they can... both trying to get the others' products banned from the marketplace.


Apple! Samsung! DO NOT make me pull over!

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